Epic times as you know, and we have a long way to go.  We are all at home with our kids!  Parents are trying to work, kids are off from school, there is a ton of worry and stress in the world.

Physical activity is so healthy for bodies & brains as well.  Movement has huge impacts on self esteem, behavior and positive attitudes.  AND…in a time of anxiety and stress for all of us…it is a wonderful stress reliever and combatant against anxiety and possible depression!!


  • A LOT of active fun for the kids…a distraction from routine…some FUN movement…competition…and “social” interaction!
  • 40-minute kids action classes, every Tuesday & Thursday at 2pm in April (March 31-April 30).
  • Your kids can do the class anywhere in your house…but we need a little bit of space.
  • Weather depending, your kids can follow the action class outside if you want.
  • We have some great games planned for the kids…and will be tossing in 2-3 bonus classes too.  We have a lot of new games that will be a bit of a surprise and A LOT of fun.
  • We will email you game descriptions before each class, so you and the kids will be prepared.  Due to the remote nature of the classes, we will try to go light on equipment, but, we will need some…so be creative if you need to.  For example, if we have to use bowling pins and you don’t have pins or cones, we can use plastic cups, solo cups, wooden blocks, etc…and if we need cones, you can always use paper plates, shirts, etc…!

Just $5.00 per student per class.  So just $40 per kiddo for the month.

These are strange, bizarre times…and they will get more odd as we navigate the next month working from home, having kids at home, and trying to keep them involved with school work.

Play.Fit.Fun’s “live” Zoom Kids Action Classes will be super healthy and fun for the kids, and give you a nice break as well.  They will also offer the kids some healthy, positive engagement, on top of all the movement and fun!!

YES! Sign Up for Zoom Action Class