Play.Fit.Fun Donates 90-Minute High School Team Building Events to our local high school teams in The Portland Metro Area. PFF Team Building is Fun & Powerful! Using the POWER OF PLAY, we work with high school teams to help them operate as a well-oiled machine. Apart from communication, synergy, teamwork, brotherhood/sisterhood, pride, patience, etc…our team building events focus on PLAY and the POWER within it. Laughing, Smiling, Bonding, De-Stressing, Competing, Feeling Great Mentally/Physically, Trying New Things and much more. 

If they can try new things, and have the confidence to do so, it makes them stronger athletes and young adults. If you are a parent or coach of a high school team, email PFF President Spencer Rubin to find out about how you can schedule one of these events for your team.

Teams PFF has worked with over the years: 

GIRLS BASKETBALL: Sunset, Hillsboro, Westview, Southridge, Reynolds, Wilsonville, Tigard, Sherwood, Forest Grove, Wilson, Lincoln, Mountainside. 

BOYS BASKETBALL: Wilsonville, Lakeridge, Liberty, Sherwood, Cleveland, Westview. 

GIRLS SOCCER: Sherwood, Mountainside, Sunset, Glencoe, Wilson, Wilsonville, Lakeridge, Beaverton, Southridge, Aloha, Hillsboro, Lincoln, Sprague, Westview. 

BOYS SOCCER: Lincoln, Wilson, Lakeridge, Lake Oswego, Southridge, Wilsonville, Tigard, Sherwood, Westview, Hillsboro. 

VOLLEYBALL: Southridge, Mountainside, Sherwood, Forest Grove, Tigard, Wilson, Beaverton, Sunset. 

FOOTBALL: Forest Grove, Lincoln, Sherwood, Wilson, Century. 

SWIMMING: Sunset, Lakeridge. BASEBALL: Westview, Wilson, Southridge, Jefferson, Century, Aloha. SOFTBALL: Lakeridge, Sherwood, Southridge, Aloha, Forest Grove, Century, Sunset, Beaverton, Hillsboro. 

BOYS LACROSSE: Hillsboro, Sherwood, Glencoe. 

GIRLS LACROSSE: Sherwood, Mountainside, Forest Grove, Wilson. 

DANCE: Liberty, Century, Southridge. LEADERSHIP: Southridge, Aloha, Liberty, Century, Mountainside.


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More about this Program

We are very proud to donate over 60 team building events per school year to local high school teams and clubs. We donate them because we love supporting our community, and we believe strongly in the power and value of extra curricular activities. PFF Team Building events not only help teammates bond and connect, but they help melt away barriers, improve communication, collaboration and problem solving. All of this together helps teens and teams in our community succeed, improve and thrive!


Who Leads the program and what are the qualifications?

Our leaders have years of experience working with and coaching children. For more detail, see  more about Our Team