Hey Parents…my name is Spencer Rubin.  I am a Beaverton resident…and one of you:  A parent.. We began Play.Fit.Fun to provide kids…parents…families opportunities for:  More Fun!  More Play!  More Activity!  Plus…empowerment, confidence, respect, socialization, leadership, teamwork, interaction, after school care for kids with working parents…or for parents who simply want their kids to have 1-3 hours of Fun-Activity…in an organized curriculum and positive environment, while socializing with kids their age interpersonally.  No Electronics Allowed!​

My Background Includes:

  • Operating Play.Fit.Fun since 2013…and personally coaching 7 before or after school kids action classes per week.
  • Coaching over 60 high school teams per year in Team Building events for their programs.
  • Coaching K-6th grade kids in approximately 10 PFF Kids Action Camps per yearly.
  • Westside Warriors Soccer Coach for 20+ Seasons.
  • Tualatin Hills Park & Rec Basketball Coach for 8 Seasons.
  • Westside Timbers Soccer Club Coach for 4 years.
  • Current Board Member of The Beaverton Police Activities League…helping 400 local Beaverton Kids stay active, involved and out of trouble!
  • Former Rotarian…and Chair Person of our Kids Scholarship Rose Sale Fundraising Committee
  • Former Rotary Mentor to teenage scholarship recipients
  • Junior Achievement Volunteer Instructor
  • In my 1st career, I spent 26 years in the Radio Broadcast Business…in the sales and marketing side of things…helping local small to large businesses and organizations promote, tell their story and market their business.  In my time in radio, I held the roles of salesman, sales trainer, sales manager, promotional director and general manager.  I still consult with my clients on subjects such as sales management, team leadership, customer service and employee engagement!
  • While in radio, I produced and implemented many community projects and promotions such as:  (1)  Working with local high school student athletes, sports teams and coaches…coordinating fund raisers for their teams and schools.  (2)  Working with local high school juniors and seniors annually…with a special community Don’t Text & Drive Campaign…and Prom/Graduation Season Don’t Drink & Drive Campaign.  (3)  Back Packs For Kids, where we delivered back packs filled with school supplies to kids in need each year before the school year began.  (4)  Kid Fit:  The predecessor to Play.Fit.Fun.  Kid Fit was an awesome program that utilized radio, web, social media and on-site events to get kids (and parents) active…promoting healthy lifestyles… and building healthy life habits.


Karen Benton is a long time personal trainer and fitness instructor that loves working with kids and helping promote active and healthy lifestyles. With 2 kids of her own, she is aware of the struggle to be active in a society that has become so accustomed to sitting and everything at your fingertips through an electronic device. She believes in the importance of moving every day and having a balance of the two. She enjoys coaching for PFF because it’s FUN, and kids don’t mind moving if it’s FUN too!

My name is Sapphire Dorfman and I’m a recent graduate of Western Oregon University’s elementary education program. I LOVE working with kids and I started as a high school volunteer with Play.Fit.Fun back in 2013. Apart from being a Play.Fit.Fun Kids Action Coach, I am going to be an elementary school teacher. I am very excited about the upcoming school year and am proud to be a Play.Fit.Fun action coach!

Bio Coming Soon

I’m so excited to be a Play Fit Fun Kids Action Coach.  I have coached youth volleyball in the past, and I enjoy working with and supporting kids on achieving their goals!  I love being active in any way I can like hiking, indoor cycling, and yoga.  I strongly believe that staying active is essential for the mind, body, and soul.

I am an aspiring overseas basketball player that loves to be active, and needs to be as fit as possible. PlayFitFun is an amazing experience to get young kids up, active, and excited to play!  Nowadays the trend for the younger generation has leaned towards staying in doors, playing video games, and not necessarily being outside and active. I am passionate about working with PlayFitFun because, I believe that we can help shed a new light to kids about physical play, and that getting up and active can be a whole lot more fun than the latter!!  My goal with this program is to take what I’ve learned over the years being involved with numerous sports teams, and translate it to teach the younger generation how fun it can be to play!!

Playing with my three kids and being outdoors are my passions.  Originally I am from New England.  I’ve been in Oregon for the last 15 yrs. & I cannot imagine living anywhere else.  On our weekends my kids and I are always out looking for an adventure on the trails or in Portland.  Being active and in great physical condition is very important to me and my family…and your kids are in for a great time in my LOSD Community School Kids Action Class that takes place Fridays at Lake Grove Elementary School!

I am a big advocate for getting kids moving. As a licensed teacher in the Tigard-Tualatin School District for over 10 years, I incorporated movement/play in a lot of my lessons and throughout the day. Now, if I am not chasing around my two boys, I am golfing with my husband. I have been active in the CrossFit community for 5 years and enjoy getting the kids involved whenever I can. Movement and play are extremely important to me and it’s a passion of mine to show kids how easy and fun it is.

I am a strong believer in keeping our bodies moving since it helps keep your body resilient against injury, and has many benefits for your mind as well. You shouldn’t feel trapped in your body and always have to deal with aches and pains! Staying active will help keep your mood up, and helps us age well! Basketball is and always will be my favorite way to be active.

I LOVE being a Kids Action Coach! I am extremely passionate about working with kids and always love to help and encourage them to create, communicate and collaborate through play.  When I am not enjoying myself through the power of play, I am usually playing with my dogs or daughter!  We love going  for walks and to the dog park to make sure that our whole family stays active and moving

Bio Coming Soon

I’m graduate from Oklahoma Baptist University, having earned a degree in Visual Arts/Web Design.  While in college, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play college baseball.  During my time in school, I was able to help in multiple baseball camps and art camps.  Helping kids have a blast, make friendships and develop great teamwork skills makes it very fun and easy to work at Play.Fit.Fun.  I Started coaching at Play.Fit.Fun in 2018 & apart from being a Play.Fit.Fun Kids Action Coach, I am also an assistant coach for a local 12U softball team.  I am very excited about the upcoming school year and and looking forward for another fun year.

Coach D here! I coach Play Fit Fun at Cedar Mill Elementary. I grew up loving sports and fitness and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to play fun games with kids each week and help them create healthy lifestyle habits!

Shelley is a mom of three adult children and active in her community. Raising her kids, she taught Art Literacy at their grade school for nine years. She also ran and coached the Little League softball program in Lake Oswego for several years while her daughter played. An outdoor enthusiast, she has cultivated a lifestyle of fitness and fun. She loves playing with kids, and making sure everyone is happy.


We had a blast!!! Thanks for including us and opening our eyes to what children really need!!!

Lauren Reed

Kelly McCurran

I noticed that the kids who participated were hesitant at first but once they got involved they didn’t stop moving. The majority of the children would run from one activity to the next. One girl went through the obstacle course about 25  times and numerous other children went through it multiple times.

Many of the kids were reluctant to do the tire flip because they thought it would be to heavy for them. Boy were they wrong. They were able to do it and with some encouragement and positive reinforcement conquered the tire flip. The look on their faces once they flipped it over was priceless and their confidence soared. They were ready to do it again.

I could tell that some kids had not done much physical activity and that many of the activities were difficult for them. However that didn’t stop many of them from coming back and doing things over and over. Many children who finished the obstacle talked about how tired they were from just going through it one time but that didn’t stop them from doing it again.  

I see the importance of this organization and the positive change it will bring to children. The fact that you are making exercise and fitness fun is so important. Giving the kids a challenge and then seeing them complete that challenge was amazing. They were so proud of themselves. With the way this country is going and how the obesity rate among kids is growing it’s important for an organization like yours to help the youth of today by making fitness fun, interesting and engaging both physically and mentally.

I don’t think kids realize that there is more to life then their electronic games, computers and cell phones. Growing up I didn’t have that. I spent my summer days playing outside, roller skating and playing hide and seek late in to the night. Kids today need the extra help to get back outside and stay active. Your organization has captured that and made getting back outside fun, interesting, and exciting. Kids get bored easily and without your organization kids would just sit on their couch and play games.

Thanks for having me at the events.  I would love to work more!