Mobile Kids Action Classes


Play.Fit.Fun can visit your family at home (or in a nearby park), to work with your kids.  You could also have 1-2-3 additional friends/families team up with you, and have their kids jump into all the fun action with yours.

The visit can range from 1-2-3 hours and will feature REALLY fun interactive camp games & activities for the kids.  Plenty of Summer-Themed activities too, for kids of any age range:  K-8th.
All equipment will be sanitized, and safe social distancing between kids and coaches will be practiced!  Think of this as a Summer Field Day/Summer Camp mixture that kids will love!!


This can take place 1 day per week, 2 days per week or more.  We just set up the weekly schedule with you, based on your needs.

Apart from the fun and physical activity…this will be some great positive interaction for your kids…and a really nice escape & break from routine!  Your kids are in for a huge amount of fun, and positive enrichment and engagement from their PFF Kids Action Coach!


1-Hour:  2+ Kids:  $40.00 total
1-Hour:  4+ Kids:  $75.00 total
1-Hour:  8+ Kids:  $100.00 total

2-Hours:  2+ Kids:  $70.00 total
2-Hours:  4+ Kids:  $140.00 total
2-Hours:  8+ Kids:  $185.00 total

3-Hours:  2+ Kids:  $120.00 total
3-Hours:  4+ Kids:  $225.00 total
3-Hours:  8+ Kids:  $300.00 total

(NOTE:  This is total pricing.  If more than one family participates together, they will simply split the fee)

My kids love PlayFitFun and look forward every week to these creative and active sessions.  The coaches are all wonderful as they bring an awesome spirit and energy to all of the sessions.  My kids have been involved in PFF for 4 years now.  This past year we have had PFF come to our house for the sessions and it has worked out remarkably well.  I highly recommend PFF for all families that champion physical fitness.

Timothy Smith

When I first heard about PFF from my neighbor, I was definitely interested in adding my daughter to the class; however, I didn’t plan on signing up until the springtime due to the weather and I thought she’d still have her awesome PE teacher at school. WOW! I’m SO glad I signed her up in the Fall! After learning the district would only have one PE teacher for all schools it was an easy decision and we’ve been working with PFF ever since!  My daughter absolutely LOVES meeting twice a week for PE with PFF! The team is amazing and FULL of FUN. They keep our kiddos moving with huge smiles on their faces. PFF has so many fun activities to keep all of the kids engaged the entire session! We’re also thrilled to have them meet in our neighborhood. So convenient!! I’m so glad PFF was referred to us and I’ll gladly refer them to friends and family.

Kari Dyke

PFF has always been a great experience for Liesl. You keep it fun & interesting with new games & activities, plus the "standards" they all really enjoy. It's about the only physical movement she's getting these days, so I really appreciate that it's scheduled & that she's always excited to do it!  Thanks!

Jennifer Monnig

As a working parent, I needed an activity that would allow my son social & physical benefits that I didn’t have to plan, oversee or execute. With limited contact with my son's peers due to COVD, PFF has offered him the opportunity to move his body & see his friends in a safe & fun way. He looks forward to this weekly class!  And so do I!

Michele Fordice

My 5th grade son looks forward to this every week! PFF has tailored sessions to fit our backyard with 4 very active boys, and they have been very flexible with weather and available space.  We will definitely sign up for another session!

Julie Barnett

PFF has been an incredible program for my boys [8yrs & 6yrs]. Besides the fact that it is well structured, safe and fun with super unique programming. My kids absolutely look forward to it each week as they come back sweaty, happy and energized. There's nothing better I could ask for especially during this 2020 year. Getting outside in nature with a select group of friends in a safe environment burning a lot of energy.

Summer Widmer

My son loves play fit fun.  He did the before school option at his elementary school and was disappointed his middle school didn’t have a program.  We were able to set up a weekly session of play fit fun for him and a few of his friends this fall.  They are all 8th graders and love getting outside to play games.  During the smoke, we had one session inside which was also great.  Spencer worked with our group to meet our safety concerns regarding COVID.  It has been such a blessing to have this opportunity for fun, exercise and some time with friends this fall!

Julie Fredericks

We love our teacher at PlayFitFun.  Coach Spencer and the instructors have been extremely flexible in making things work no matter the weather or location. The kids have a blast laughing and playing.

Charla Grenz

We love PFF!! My kids can’t stop talking about how much fun they are having. They look forward to class from the time they wake up until their next class. They love that each class offers new games and challenges.  Coaches Spencer and Kat are engaging, encouraging and fun! I highly recommend PFF!!

Rochelle Rochester

Play.Fit.Fun has been an excellent addition to our week. Our son looks forward to the planned activities and socializing with a few friends! It’s well organized and helpful for working parents and kids who thrive on challenges and action.

Lisa McCollister

Isobelle is LOVING PFF.  She is so happy to be able to safely interact with her friends.  It's great to get outside and just play! She needs this now more than ever.  We are definitely wanting to continue with PFF next season.  This has truly been a life saver for my daughter during this very difficult time.  Thank you so much for your efforts to get kids outside and playing!!!

Sara Leipzig

PFF has been an awesome addition to online school!  We have elementary experience with Spencer so the kids knew him, as did us parents.  We formed a co-op to battle the social isolation of this year.  Bringing in PFF helped to facilitate social  interaction while moving the body has been fantastic for our 8th graders.  Spencer is always on time, professional in communication and great with kids

Jenn Falkenberg

Play Fit Fun is an excellent after school program for kids!  The program keeps the kids moving while providing great fun and competition.  The program is well run using coaches and high school “assistant” coaches.  Feedback is provided by staff, weekly outlining what the kids did and pictures of the class in action.  I love seeing and reading about this.  Kids don’t have to be bussed to the program since it is held at their home school gym.  Our daughter has attended both the after school program and the camps during non- school days since first grade. She is leaving elementary school for middle school and still wants to attend camps and later become an assistant coach in high school.

Angela Addington

My daughter looks forward to play fit fun every week!  I am so happy we found the program at our school.  It’s been a great outlet for her. She is always so excited to tell me about all of the fun activities she participated in. The coaches are friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Play Fit Fun!

Sara Shirazi

It’s been incredibly special to have had your consistent positive voice in her life for 6 years!! I’m grateful for your investment in Abby.  She’s always been a special kid with a great brain...but you helped teach her to use that brain to push herself and see what she can do.  I think her willingness to try new things (like auditioning, etc) is directly connected to her discovering what can happen when you don’t quit.  I believe she is more resilient and brave because of you.

Amy Karjala

I have been so impressed with this program.  We loved that she’s working alongside kids that are both younger and older than her. I believe this is invaluable to a “community” of learners! Lastly, I always got to see what was going on in classes because of the weekly emails (which describe the what and the why of the activities) and the videos attached. It was so FUN to watch her and the others competing and collaborating. I would watch the videos with a big smile. She needed and wanted all this movement and engagement. So happy PFF is available to kids and that there’s something else to get her moving that’s not sports related. Everything has been well-communicated, well-organized and wonderful for my daughter and myself. She looked forward to every week’s class! We look forward to joining again next year!! Amarylis Fernandez Hazel has loved being a part of the PFF community these past 5 years and I’ve enjoyed seeing photos, watching the videos and hearing about her games and activities in class. Any group activity like this is great for building confidence in her abilities and learning about healthy competition and grace when not winning. Thanks for her time with your group! I know she’s bittersweet about the end of her time at Bethany and with this group.

Amy Stoner

My daughter has grown in many ways and certainly enjoyed her time in the last few years attending PlayFitFun. I'm really happy the program helped her be a leader and improve her social skills because she was quiet and reserved. It has helped her experience with fitness be a positive one, she has fun while exercising. Kaylin is always happy when I pick her up to tell me how her class went and what new game she learned. Overall, the program certainly accomplished its goal to improve fitness level, build self esteem, teamwork, focus confidence and leadership. Thank you for a great program and year!

Minerva Diaz

Play Fit Fun has been an incredible after school club opportunity for the students and families of Bethany Elementary. Spencer and his team put together highly engaging, motivating, and fun activities for students each week. The team he has developed is passionate, responsive, professional, and works beautifully with students of all ages. I have participated with the club on numerous occasions and never been disappointed. Their focus on teamwork, sportsmanship, and developing a love of movement is at the heart of their work. It is an honor to have them in our building! Thank you,

Casey Lange
Principal: Bethany Elementary School

I am in the unique situation of being both a Play Fit Fun parent, and administrator, having them at our school. Play Fit Fun has been in our building for over 5 years. During that time, I witnessed students highly engaged in a well-thought out afterschool enrichment program that provides students with the opportunity to work on team building skills, relationships, collaboration…all while getting a workout. Students are excited when PFF Thursday takes place. As a parent, both of my children have attended PFF and over the years, it has become an extension of our family. Our kids were always happy and excited when it was a PFF day and tired when they came home. I am pleased with Spencer and his team as he has helped our boys become the great citizens they are today.

Francesca Sinapi
Former Principal Ladd Acres Elementary School

We have had PlayFitFun at Raleigh Hills the past few years and it is a well attended, inviting program for our students. The staff has been reliable and consistently excellent. It offers our students an after school opportunity to move, develop social skills, and play actively.

Peter McDougal, D.Ed.
Principal, Raleigh Hills K-8 Beaverton School District

Play Fit Fun is one of my favorite afterschool programs! Spencer runs an outstanding program where all of the students feel valued and have a fun time playing the best team-building games. Spencer communicates well with parents via a personalized newsletter complete with photos from the fun after each class. He supervises the students well before, during, and after the program through the parent pick-up. He is friendly and passionate about helping kids have fun while being active!

Carol Pausz
Vice Principal Valley Catholic

We've enjoyed PPF at Montclair for the past 5 years, and we especially enjoy having the program scheduled before school starts. The students that participate in PPF are more engaged when they enter the classroom in the morning, their more responsible, as they understand the value of getting up early to engage their mind and body in physical activity, and they've built community with their fellow PPF peers. Spencer is motivational and supportive in instilling the values we teach at school: taking ownership of your learning; teamwork; having a growth mindset; and incorporating goals into your life. PPF has been a beneficial program at Montclair and we're fortunate to offer it to our students.

Sean Leverty, Principal
Montclair Elementary Beaverton School District

Play.Fit.Fun has been an excellent addition to our after school programs. Students look forward to going every week and have a blast participating in all the fun activities. Thank you.

John Allen
Principal West Union Elementary School

Play.Fit.Fun’s before school kids action program has worked great for many reasons at our school. Our families love the option of having an active activity for their kids to start the day with (and I'm sure it is a plus for our working parents as well....since their kids can come into the building and be safely monitored before school). We have very little conflicts in the mornings with the use of our gym (which isn't always the case in the afternoons)...and you are always in and out before we are staging kids for the start of the day. It has been a win/win for our families and for us to be able to provide more activity for our kids.

Renee Conduff
Principal’s Secretary/Bonny Slope Elementary School



  • Move Kids Physically…Mentally…Socially
  • Create a FUN environment where kids can get active and build healthy life habits. 
  • We want kids playing for life!  It is our goal to help kids develop a life-long love of active play.
  • Engage other kids socially, and be comfortable in social settings.
  • Develop & enhance positive attitude, self confidence and creativity.
  • Allow kids to play actively in a safe & fun setting, while giving them plenty of free time to play games using their own games, creativity, and their own rules.  This is very powerful!
  • Family!  Play.Fit.Fun Kids belong to the PFF Family!  From family, we get and practice care, patience, kindness and thoughtfulness.  PFF campers make tons of friends both with other campers and our amazing high school assistant coaches! ​