Eric Heaton, owner of Eric Heaton Automotive in Hillsboro is all about community and family!  Cars and humans are not too dissimilar!  The better you take care of each…the healthier lives they have!  Take great care of your bodies and brains.  Keep moving 60+ minutes each day…and try to get 10,000 steps in (or more)!!  When your car, truck, suv or van needs TLC…The Heaton Automotive Family in Hillsboro is ready to help.  They are next to the Hillsboro Airport.

Les Schwab Tire Centers proudly supports PFF’s efforts to move kids…and build healthy life habits!  Our great friends at this local Northwest Company are quite excited to see kids out and enjoy physical play with amazing smiles on their faces.  Next time you’re at a PFF event…stop by and have a blast at THE LES SCHWAB CHALLENGE ZONE!

We see so many kids, helping them have great dental health.  It is such an honor to help them keep the rest of the bodies healthy as well!  Never stop moving!!!

Sherwood Family Law is excited to sponsor Play.Fit.Fun and their kids action mission.  The games, activities and challenges they provide, not only gets kids active…but they also match our values when we help parents with custody issues:

  • Displaying Balance: Fairness, Honesty, Stability.
  • Feeling Empathy: Understanding, Compassion, Clarity.
  • Giving Guidance: Leadership, Preparedness, Diligence.

Therapeutic Associates Inc., has been a kids action partner with Play.Fit.Fun from day 1.  THANK YOU!  We could not do what we do without their support, expertise, and ideas.  Things always don’t go the way you want in the game of life, and Therapeutic Associates, Inc. is ready to help you feel good, and get back to your A-Game!  They have many centers, throughout the Portland Metro Area!

Humans are built to move!  Our bodies are amazing machines that walk, run, jump, climb and more!  The more you move, the healthier your body is, inside and out!  Orthopedic + Fracture Specialist is excited to partner with Play.Fit.Fun helping kids (and their families) build healthy life habits!

No one knows and loves community like Joey Laparne.  As a parent, a community member who grew up on the Westside, and as a local insurance agent…Joey loves supporting his neighbors!  We here at Play.Fit.Fun appreciate his support of our kids action mission…SO MUCH!  Thanks Joey!!!

“I am a life-long lover of physical activity and wellness!  I love partnering with Play.Fit.Fun and their wonderful kids action mission.  Every day, simply move your body, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.  Stay active and enjoy time with your family!” 
​-Dirk Hmura

Decarli Restaurant in Beaverton, is a wonderful member of the Beaverton & Westside Communities!  On top of eating well, they know how important physical activity is to the development of our children, both physically as well as mentally.  Decarli is very proud to be a PFF Kids Action Partner, getting kids Up…and Out…and Moving!

Bentley’s Painting knows a lot about being active and the importance of moving your body!  They are up and down ladders every day, painting the interior and exterior of local family’s homes!  They are so excited to support Play.Fit.Fun’s kids action mission, and helping PFF get and keep our kids moving and active

Rose City Futsal is now the proud partner of Play.Fit.Fun another organization who is centered around getting families active. We are looking forward to working with Play.Fit.Fun and the westside community to get kids and parents alike engaged in futsal and other activities.

Glenn Horton has been in the insurance business, serving local families with State Farm for many years!  A father, grand father, coach…Glenn is very involved in the Beaverton/Tigard Community…and is very proud to be a major sponsor of Play.Fit.Fun and our kids program!  Glenn’s State Farm Office is located next to Biscuits where Scholls Ferry Road Meets Barrows Road.

Accessory Outfitters has spent decades keeping trucks, jeeps and SUV’s moving…on road and off!  When the opportunity came for this locally owned business to help Play.Fit.Fun keep kids active and moving, they jumped on it.

Parents of active kids themselves, Accessory Outfitter owners…Patrick and Chloe Whistler…appreciate what physical activity does for kids, and are proud to support PFF’s Kids Action Mission!

Reliable Credit Association is affiliated consumer finance companies that provide credit to qualified consumers by providing direct consumer loans and purchasing retail installment contracts from approved dealers.

You will be hard pressed to find a more community involved realtor.  Community events, school support, charitable work and more. Carey Hughes loves supporting her community!  The South Beaverton Real Estate Expert, Carey has been a huge kids action partner of PFF’s
for many years!  THANKS CAREY!

We here at Casa Lola are parents, siblings and aunts and uncles.  It is a true honor to help Play.Fit.Fun get kids active, playing with each other and trying new things!

Dr. Douglas Shafer and the entire team at Good Life Dentistry want you to be happy with your smile and your overall health. They’re excited to partner with Play.Fit.Fun and to support the families of our community!

Why fight with sticks in the yard when you can take a fencing class?  Northwest Fencing Center offers beginner fencing classes for kids aged 6-14.  Kids learn the discipline of the sword in a fun, engaging environment.  Summer Camps and birthday party packages will get swords in kids’ hands, too! Find out more at  Northwest Fencing.  First week of Youth Class is free to first-timers!

La-Z-Boy are all about relaxation and comfort.  BUT, we also know how important it is to MOVE in order to have a healthy body and mind.  So, keep moving, any way you can!  Run, ride a bike, walk the dog, go to the gym, play sports, swim, you name it!

Koeber’s Interiors has been helping local families since 1963.  We flat out love this opportunity to help children in our community be healthy and grow up with more tools to succeed with!

We love seeing kids active and moving.  Nice work Accurate Auto!  We also love making sure your family vehicles are operating safely for you and your kids

Go Kids!  Keep moving, competing, and conquering new challenges!  It’s really fun seeing kids in our community…playing actively and leading healthy lives

We at Pest Solutions, Inc. have watched Play.Fit.Fun do so much good in the community with our kids over the years, we just had to jump on board and sponsor them!  We just love how PFF rolls up their sleeves and gets kids active and trying new things.  We couldn’t be more excited to help with this very important mission

Unitus is thrilled to partner with Play.Fit.Fun to improve our kids’ future and have fun doing it! As a credit union, we care about every aspect of our members’ lives, not just their financial health. With more and more research emerging about the countless physical – and mental – benefits of exercise for kids and grown-ups alike, we are delighted to add Play.Fit.Fun to the host of youth-based community programs we support.

Locally owned Madden Industrial Craftsmen is the premier staffing provider for industrial businesses in the Pacific Northwest, and provides quality employment opportunities to our pool of skilled workers. Employing people in active jobs where workers need to use their brains…hand eye coordination…problem solving is a great match with us and they are very excited to support the Play Fit Fun Program!

Who Doesn’t Know About Bullwinkles & The Family Fun Center In Wilsonville!  If anyone knows about fun, action, moving kids around it’s them!  PFF Thanks our AMAZING friends at The Family Fun Center for all of their support…and desire to better the lives of kids in our community!

Western Pet Supply in Raleigh Hills is one of our fantastic locally owned pet supply stores!  They have a huge selection of premium foods and supplies…and they care deeply about the communities they serve!  WPS is very excited to team up with Play.Fit.Fun…helping to improve the health and wellness of children and families locally.

The Cleaning Authority has been serving the Portland, Beaverton, Tigard and Hillsboro area for over 11 years. Our products are safe for kids, pets & our planet. We use Green Seal Certified chemicals, HEPA filtration vacuums and microfiber dusting cloths. Stop coming home to a second job – let us do the work! Life is too short to clean your own home!

Murray Blvd. & Allen Blvd – Beaverton
Papa Murphy’s Pizza at Murray and Allen is an active member of the Beaverton Community!  Locally owned, they pride themselves in providing local Beaverton Families with delicious pizzas featuring only the best, most fresh ingredients!  Play Fit Fun encourages you to support them when you are in the mood for some amazing Take N Bake Pizza!