Just like a competitive sports team, your company team must have synergy, good communication, and work efficiently together in order for you to Thrive!

Play.Fit.Fun Corporate Team Building is a powerful, interactive method to get your team working together in an active, fun, challenging setting!

Our Corporate Team Building events enhance individual and team growth through activities, challenges and experiences that have a strong connection to teamwork, trust and communication. This is a powerful way to strengthen the cohesiveness of your team.

Apart from traditional characteristics enhanced and strengthened by team building, the session you schedule with Play.Fit.Fun will also focus on hands-on coaching skills and positioning others for success. Throw in games and challenges that target decision making and problem solving, and you have a powerful program.

​PFF Team Building has proudly produced team building events for: Buffalo Wild Wings, NIKE, Guild Mortgage, OHSU, The Police Activities League, The Good Feet Store, Real Benefits Group, Aim High Martial Arts, Insurance Lounge, Papa Johns Pizza, Mortgage Trust, Ridgewood Elementary School Faculty, Terra Linda Elementary Faculty, Bethany Elementary School Faculty, Ridgewood Elementary School Faculty and more!


Some managers or CEO’s simply want to reduce stress.  Others want the same, but also want to work on building/strengthening bonds, melting away barriers, enhancing team pride and much more.

From very small groups like this this team (From The Police Activities League) featured to the right…to very large groups of 100+…Play.Fit.Fun Corporate Team Building is VERY engaging, inclusive, effective, fun and powerful!!

Thank you SO much for hosting such creative, interactive, challenge but fun team building for Intel Demo Depot! I felt the positive energy and good team spirit immediately after your coaching! This is one of the best Team Building activities I have ever had! You really made a difference in our day, and Intel Life. We are going to have an internal face to face meeting in the future to include our employees from other countries, and I will definitely contact you to host another team building session with international attendees

Intel Demo Depot

It proved once more that we are very creative team; although at the beginning with some of the challenges we all thought there is no way we can come up with a solution, but over and over we proved ourselves wrong. It really felt good since we do this on a daily basses but we don’t realize it. I am so proud to be part of such an organization.

Intel Demo Depot
Team Members

We spent the afternoon supporting one another in randomly chosen teams which showed me once again (perhaps us all), how well we can perform when we focus on a positive outcome.

Intel Demo Depot
Team Members

It was so much fun working these exercises together I was really happy to see folks that are sometimes cranky towards one another smiling, cracking jokes and encouraging one another. I saw us all working together in a spirit of trust and team throughout the entire 2 hours.

Intel Demo Depot
Team Members

If we can share that same spirit in our everyday interactions; focus on process, be mindful of what we agree upon or have in common in, be willing to actively listen first, we then are in a better place to present our case, resolve conflict, craft solutions and grow as a team.

Bessie Lam
Intel Demo Depot

Play.Fit.Fun, thanks a ton for holding an event with our team. The team building concept via play tied in perfectly with our team here at Nike. My teams feedback on our event was overwhelmingly positive, in fact, there was a request to do this quarterly, if not more often. I loved seeing how quickly the team got engaged with one another, which I believe was tied directly to being able to move/be active. The ability to be active, together in one area, was so beneficial to our team environment, much more so than ‘another’ happy hour. Seeing the team letting their guard down, being a bit vulnerable in some of the activities, helped to bring us closer together as a team, providing an experience that will be talked about for some time.

Kevin Bonham

We have had PFF come out and provide team building opportunities for our staff the last two summers. Our teachers and staff have thoroughly enjoyed the time we spend with Spencer and his team. The focus on developing positive relationships with staff is accomplished through engaging and exciting activities that can easily be modified for classroom application. We will continue to ask him back to work with our staff year after year because of how powerful the time has been!" Thank you,

Casey Lange
Principal: Bethany Elementary School

Hey Spencer, "The event definitely exceeded our GM's expectations. I know you and how good you are at your job, so to be honest I wasn't surprised by how much fun we had. I think our GM's were a bit skeptical going into it. We had a meeting immediately after the activity and I asked everyone what they thought. Here are some of the things I heard. 1) Team work. Reminded me that I can't do it by myself. I need the help of everyone around me. 2) Communication! This seemed to be the big one for everyone. We cannot be successful unless we communicate well. 3) Patience. Not everyone thinks the same as you and pick things up as quickly as you. Everyone learns at their own pace. 4) Comfort zone. This was one of my personal thoughts. It's good every once in a while to step out of your comfort zone and be goofy. playful, embarrass yourself or whatever. 5) Take chances. Someone brought up what you said which was basically if you really want something, you MUST take chances. Often times, that chance is in believing in yourself. 6) My personal favorite.....Put your head down and work. Quit thinking everything is just going to magically fall in your lap. The best way to get the job done is to just put your head down and WORK! Anyway, every single person who attended wants to do it again some time. This is something we want to do annually if your up for it. Thanks again!!!!"

Dave Edwards
Director of Operations Rose City Pizza, LLC PAPA JOHN'S PIZZA

What an exceptional experience for my team! We took part in a 1 hour event with our team leaders and it was amazing. The experience allowed us all to relax, have fun, compete, and work together! I would recommend this to anyone! Anyone one that works as a team could use a refreshing, fun experience like this. It helped us break down barriers and allowed teamwork to really flow. We did this prior to a manager's team meeting and it was great. I wish we could do one every time we meet together. I think we'd always look forward to meetings if that were the case. Thank you Spencer & Play.Fit.Fun!!

Heather Bond
Buffalo Wild Wings

Our team participated in a team building session with Play.Fit.Fun and it definitely exceeded our expectations across the board. We have a diverse group of employees and, originally, we were concerned that the session would either be too physically strenuous or wouldn’t capture the attention of some of our staff. However, our uncertainties were laid to rest as soon as we got started on the first activity. The whole team was engaged and smiling the entire two hours! We LOVED it and are going to look into doing similar sessions with our teams in other regions, as well. Thank you, Spencer! You did a wonderful job!

Lacey Green
Insurance Lounge

What a great way to spend the afternoon! With so many new team members, we wanted a way to get out of the office and spend some time together getting to know one another. Spencer & Play.Fit.Fun delivered! The challenges he gave us were fun and required us to work together as a team. There was a lot of laughing and collaboration, and some sweat too! It was a fantastic way for our team to learn more about each other outside of the office. Lots of bragging rights were won that day!

Melissa Shah


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