The 15 Worst Pieces of Diet Advice We Feed our Kids

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Why Exercise Is Good for Your Brain

Story by Mylea Charvat, Ph.D.

Detox Naturally with Broccoli and Berries

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It's never been safer for kids to play outside

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Frequent Eating in Kids Tied to Less Weight Gain

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Smartphones, Tablets Causing Mental Health Issues in Kids as young as two

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Lunch Plate Size for Children Affects How Many Calories They Serve Themselves and Eat

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Tread Lightly: Labels That Translate Calories into Walking Distance Could Induce People to Eat Less

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Helping Your Overweight Child

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Tips for Dealing with a Picky Eater

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Helping Children Develop Healthy Habits

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Limiting Tube Time and Getting Your Kids Moving

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Benefits of Exercise

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How Play Wires Kids' Brains For Social and Academic Success

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On the Run: How Families Struggle to Eat Well & Exercise

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