PE & After School Action Classes for Fall 2020

PE & After School Action Classes!!
Whether your kids are learning from home this Fall…or are attending school on site 50-100% of the time, Play.Fit.Fun is ready to get your kids moving, and playing actively!
Kids need to move more, now, more than ever…to help with both physical & mental health…as well as to help them learn more effectively!

As with everything we do, all of our action classes are FUN, great for any age (K-8)…and an awesome mix of PE, Field Day, Summer Camp & Team Building.

We are adaptable to any location and size of space.  From your back or front yard…to a local park…your garage…playroom or basement…Play.Fit.Fun brings the FUN & ACTIVITY to your kids…in the safety of your home & neigborhood!
Just your family…or your kids teamed up with friends…we can work with any size group.

Action Class Details:

  • Fun P.E. activities at home! In the mornings or afternoons during the school day!

  • Awesome after school activities at home…after the “school day” has ended!

  • We come to you!!

  • Experienced coaches will be masked & follow safe, social distancing protocols.

  • All game equipment will be sanitized

  • Amazing, active, fun customized for all grade ranges:  K-8.  Mixed grade groups possible!

  • Whether you, yourself, need to get work done…or just need a break from being mom, dad, teacher, administrator, business owner, manager, full time employee…etc…let us get your kids moving, having a blast, and giving you some free time to get tasks accomplished, to go for a run, to relax…you name it!!




  • Move Kids Physically…Mentally…Socially
  • Create a FUN environment where kids can get active and build healthy life habits. 
  • We want kids playing for life!  It is our goal to help kids develop a life-long love of active play.
  • Engage other kids socially, and be comfortable in social settings.
  • Develop & enhance positive attitude, self confidence and creativity.
  • Allow kids to play actively in a safe & fun setting, while giving them plenty of free time to play games using their own games, creativity, and their own rules.  This is very powerful!
  • Family!  Play.Fit.Fun Kids belong to the PFF Family!  From family, we get and practice care, patience, kindness and thoughtfulness.  PFF campers make tons of friends both with other campers and our amazing high school assistant coaches! ​